Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ask me questions!

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate it-if not, I hope you had a wonderful whatever-else-you-celebrate!). I know I did.

For fun, since it's been a while, let's bring back the old Ask-me-questions thing! So ask me questions in the comments below and I'll answer them!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Expedition- Day 2

 I honestly don't remember exactly where this was. We saw this kind of view regularly.

August 15th, 2010
We’re at the Waterfalls Campground today. We had heard that it was a beautiful site, so we decided to spend a good day here. So today’s hike was a mere 4.5 kms.

We followed the creek for most of it (hiking South), until it split, one part going East and one going West. The West section comes down from a huge waterfall, which is where the camp gets its name (surprise). The campground location really is beautiful. Standing near the camp looks down over a hill, with the water fall on our left and the creek at the bottom.

Today was leisurely. We spent most of the afternoon playing in the water, washing our shirts and faces and hair. My feet feel wonderful after all the cool water. Surprisingly, the water is the perfect temperature, and not as frigid as one might imagine from a mountain stream. For drinking and cooking, we filter all our water. We have three hand pumps and to pump enough water for meals (for the 9 of us) takes about an hour. I’m getting used to the weight in my pack (about 40lbs) and really enjoying it. It’s really so far a remarkable trip.


 More waterfall.

 A really lovely pool in the creek, which was nice and deep and cool, perfect for wading.

The waterfall.

 I have to remember to ask my dad what these little flowers are. They were growing all over the hill.
My pack on the table.
A casuality.

 Ah, yes. Here we are. The Green Throne Privy (That's what they're actually called in the pamphlet). Yep, these are the toilets on the trail. Don't expect privacy.