Sunday, February 20, 2011

questions part 2

It seems that whenever I feel inspired to blog, I don't have time, and when I have time to blog, I just...don't. Eh eh, eh eh, there's nothing else I can say.


Questions! (Or rather) Answers!

(Anon.) "If you were sent to a deserted island and could only bring 3 items (none of which can be a boat or other means of getting off the island) what would you bring?" 
Hmm. This is really hard. I suppose I could go with practical things such as a knife, flint/steel and a tarp, but I am also inclined to go with a package of pencils, a giant stack of manuscript paper and great reading book to ensure that I spend my time productively. I am torn. Creativity or survival? Hmm...

(Anon.) "If you had to pick one, and only one, person who was your ultimate role model..who would that be?"
I honestly don't know enough about anybody yet to say...

(Anon.)"If you could pick any career and money/time wasn't an issue...what would you do?"
What about talent/skill? Would that be an issue? If I just suddenly jump to any job, I would have to say that of a Broadway actor. I can't think of anything funner than getting to sing and actor in front of an audience every time and get paid for it. People do that, you know! Crazy. But no, seriously, if I could just jump to my dream career it would be (and the moment), to live in NYC alternating between an actor in shows and composer (writing classical music and new musicals, which of course would be running on Broadway), with a side career as a vocalist/keyboardist in a great little indie folk/pop/rock band.

(Anon.) "If Lady Gaga, Patti LuPone, Bernadette Peters, Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith all asked you to sing on stage with them at the same time..which one would you choose and why?"
Oh gosh, these are HARD questions. I'm kindof inclined to say that Gaga and Patti are both people I would just love to spend a day with, but I think that I would love to sing onstage with Bernadette Peters. So I think, I think my pick is Bernadette. I would just love to met Idina and Kristin.

(Logan) "What's your view on prostitutes? Such in Paris it is a legal job, I know I think it is revolting and should be illegal. However to some it is entertainment and good money. So you wanted questions so I am asking a question!"
Hmm. Good question. My first instinct is that of course I disagree with prostitution absolutely, and think it should be illegal. But the problem is that that really won't do anything.  Same with abortion. You can make it illegal all you like, but if people really think it's the answer, they'll seek it out illegally and dangerously.  I absolutely don't have an answer. I don't believe that either are morally right, but don't think that simply making either illegal will change anything. I have no answer.

Part II will come.

How are you?