Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School etc.

Good evening! How are you? 

I've really missed blogging. I'm happy to be back.

Things have happened. I go to school now. Which is, you know, different. My sister just came back from India, and just like she was a Canadian visiting India, I very much feel like I'm visiting a different country. I'm a Homeschooler visiting Public School.
So far, I've just had three days of orientation, so I can't really tell officially, but I think it'll be good, and I think I'll enjoy the experience. Certainly good preparation for university. It's sure a different sub-culture then I'm used to though. From what I've seen so far, junior high and high school students are... exactly how I expected them to be, from what I'd heard. Now, I know this makes me sound incredibly arrogant and "high-and-mighty", but I'd hoped they'd be a bit more, I dunno, mature or something. Of course, that's a generalization and it only takes a couple to stand out and act for the masses. Ah well, though. We'll see.

Other things. I have a new piano teacher. I haven't had a lesson with him yet (I will have by this time tomorrow), but I'm really looking forward to it! At the end of last year, my old piano teacher (who I studied with for about ten years) told me that she had taken me as far as she could and that if I hoped to continue studying piano, I should move on to a different teacher. So I did, and plan to study for my ARCT with him. I think I'll really be challenged, and learn tons.

Also, I went for a lovely walk with my family on the weekend to the nearby National Park, and saw this adorably tiny little Boreal Toad. It was so cute! Blogger isn't letting my post photos, but when it does, I'll add photos.

Take care!