Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer! And stuff! More exclamations points!

Hello friends! It's summer!

Believe it or not.

I have tons to write about! But I'm actually not sure how to begin. How about I just sum up my whole year? 

No? No? Okay.

So, the main thing is that I'm done school. Have been for a few weeks, actually. I survived a whole year in school! The main thing is that I wrote my final two diplomas, and now I just have to wait to get my marks. Assuming I passed those, I'm all set to study music at post-secondary this fall. I wrote Biology and Math, and though I'm not at all worried about my Biology mark, I'm slightly concerned about my Math one. Not that I don't think I'll pass it, but I found it quite difficult, and am not at all convinced that the exam went well. We'll see though! 

Overall though, I must admit that my school experience was pretty great. I met some nice fellow students, and my teachers we're absolutely wonderful. I actually really enjoyed it. I was really looking for something new this year, a change of scene, a change of pace. I'm not sure that I would want to do it for more than a year. But this year (for me) it was perfect. I also think it gave me a good preparation for university next year. I also love that I can homeschool for most of my school years, spending tons of time practicing my music, and then scamper into school for 10 months and get all the necessary courses to get into university. :)

Also, I'm almost done composing my piece for the symphony! I've composed it the point where I think it's done, then my mentor will study it, I'll edit the final final score, and then I just have to format the individual instrument parts and it'll be completely done! It's very different from anything I've written before, but I'm proud of it and happy with the outcome. And I've learned an enormous amount from the experience. The final cherry on top will be hearing a professional orchestra play it in front of 2000 people in September! Ahh! Excited/nervous.

Lastly, I have a job! Part-time at Starbucks! It's fun so far, though tons and tons to learn at first. My head feels like it'll explode from all the drinks and combinations to learn. But good, and my co-workers have been really nice and helpful. It's nice getting money deposited in my bank account every week too!

Anyway, that's all for now! Hope your summers are wonderful!