Wednesday, February 21, 2007



Just some "musings"... :)

The other day I was taking the elevator up to our local library. There was one other person on it, an elderly lady. When we got to the top, I stepped back to let her off first. As we were walking toward the library door, she turned to me and said "I can see that you have been brought up to be a gentleman, there are not many of them around these days".

"...there are not many of them around these days.."

It really made me think. Are there not many gentlemen around these days? I'm not sure that I think that is true, but is it something that people really think about? People are getting to be so obsessed with careers, looks and fitting in with culture, they forget what really matters, which is to become a better person, whichever way that is, to you.

Another thing that I was thinking about... In TJEd, of the main themes is to build statesmen, "Men and women of virtue, wisdom, diplomacy, and courage who inspire greatness in others and move the cause of liberty." How does a statesman compare to a gentleman? Certainly I think all statesman should be gentlemen, but is this always the case?

Just something for you to ponder...


Kathleen said...

Hey DB!
Cool post! You never told me about that happening. I'm glad you did it though, and I've noticed you do it around home too. :)
I'm going to advertise you blog on mine.

salman said...

Nice post sir and gentlemen are indeed rare these days