Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Writer's Block

Hmm, I seem to be experiencing some writer's block...Any suggestions? What do you do when you don't know what write? Do you write about something really random(like a CD player) and hope that something profound will come out of it? Do you wait around for days waiting for a stroke of inspiration to hit you like a bolt of lightning?

Well, no stroke of inspiration coming towards me... :(

I could just write about writer's block. When does writer's block come about? Is it when our lives are at their most uneventful peak? I don't think so. Nobody's life is all that boring that there should be nothing to write about! What is it then? Is it a lack of having something profound happen in our days? Not enough that seems important enough to share with others? Then I think we must find things important enough to share. When we have done that, we will perhaps be finding the good in tiny things, rejoicing in the little subtleties of life.

Thanks for reading,


Kathleen said...

Write about anything. Current events, food, books, something funny that happened, something you think is stupid, people, what you have been doing, materialism, God, how to make spaghetti sauce (or why you make it every Monday!), saving money, spending money, what it feels like to be bored, tea in China, whether you ever plan to have a girlfriend, the environmental impact of frog sheddings, bugs, playing Clair de Lune, geocaching, Wal-mart...

Kathleen said...

You could always promote my blog.:) Or link to someone elses, like Jon's or Raine's.