Friday, April 13, 2007

Vimy Ridge/ World War I

As many of you know, last Monday (April 9) marked the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, in which the Canadians took the ridge where many other armies failed. I realized how little I really knew about Vimy and WWI and after watching a documentary that was shown on CBC Television, my interest was piqued! The next time I was at our local library, I got a bunch of books out about WWI. One particular book, which I am currently reading, is Vimy by Pierre Berton. It is an excellent book, and although I am not done it yet, I would already recommend it! Anyway, looking back, I am disappointed with myself about how little I knew about a battle that changed our nation. I am happy to say that I know considerably more now, and if you don't know much about Vimy, I suggest that you read up on it!

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arlene said...

Hi Daniel,
I recently read a novel set in the trenches in France in WWI. I knew virtually nothing about the conditions there either. It was an education, reading about what the soldiers went through. In the book, one bit of ground was known for being strewn with many, many buttons from the uniforms of the thousands of troops who died there...the Canadian Newfoundlanders.
It was a hard read, and made me want to learn more of the history of the place too.