Friday, August 31, 2007

Liber Youth Retreat

Okay, here is my promised post about the Liber Youth Retreat. Once again, it was great experience. I have been trying to think of somehow to write about it, other then just using a bunch of superlatives, but they are really what sum it up! I had two excellent counselors, both of whom I knew pretty well from previous events but it was great getting to know them better and to just hang out with them for a weekend. Our speakers were very engaging and their topics were excellent and applicable.

The simulation--well, I could write a whole post on the simulation. The "story" was about a water dispute between two African tribes. Because of this dispute, smaller disputes were happening: cattle were being killed, people were being killed, the other tribe was hunting on our land etc. We were split into two larger groups-the tribes and one smaller group-mediators from a peace organization. I was a delegate from one the tribes. We had come together at this meeting to come to an agreement. We argued and debated and finally, with about 3o seconds remaining on the clock, we came to an agreement! With only 3 hours, it was really quite a feat! Have you read The Anatomy of Peace? For me, this was a great example of always seeing other people as people. At first, I was seeing the other tribe as "them" but when I started to look at them as "us", I was able to see the situation in a clearer light, and think about solutions that would make us all happy.

I had some great discussions with really neat people. It is just so refreshing to see so many wonderful people who are really trying to become better people and make the world a better place. Its such a great atmosphere.

Phew, so much to write about, and I have really just touched the surface. I wish I could show you the photos that I took, but, to protect people's privacy, I will not post them on the internet.

I can't wait 'till next year!


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arlene said...

It sounds like a really interesting time. Simulations have such an impact. They're one of my favorite ways to learn! It puts you in the position of seeing the impact of what you think, and hearing the effect of your decisions on others.