Monday, October 22, 2007

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #4

I listened to Rachmaninoffs' 4th concerto today. Its Rachmaninoff's least known and least liked piano concertos. It's a good concerto though, in my opinion. Perhaps one of the reasons that it isn't so popular is the lack of a really defined cadenza. I think that the cadenza is one of the best parts of a concerto. Its sort of the pianist's big solo, the chance for him to really give all he's got. The concerto as a whole seems slightly disconnected. However, I know that if I listen to it more and really try to understand it, the more it wil make sense and the more I will love it.

-Daniel (still humming the them from the first movement)

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arlene said...

Daniel, I will take your word on it. And perhaps I will give it a listen as well!