Saturday, November 24, 2007


Done! I have finished my longest, best piece that I have composed. The second movement of my piano concerto, officially titled Piano Concerto no. 1 in G Sharp Minor-Andante. Ooh, doesn't that sound spiffy? Now, mind you, I say that I am done it, but in three months from now, or so, I will likely scoff at it and rewrite a lot of it. Oh well, I am pretty happy with it at the moment. On to movements 1 and 3!


pianomanhere said...

Dan: This is Brian, your fellow blogger... In light of how much you seem to have accomplished, you should start another blog for us confused middle-of-the-road, left/brain-right/brain types.. Call it "Time Management for the Clueless" or something like that.

Writing a piano concerto? Fantastic! Keep it up.. by the way, if you want to hear a really interesting one, explore John Corigliano's Piano Concerto. In his overall output, it's actually a real gem... Cheers... Brian

Dan said...

Hahahaha, really, I'm not that great at time management, but I do love piano concertos and so I try to put as much time as possible into my concerto. We'll see.

John Corigliano..I'll have to look that up. Thanks for the suggestion!