Monday, December 3, 2007


I actually finished it! I actually finished it on November 30th. 50,038 was my official word count but I still have a tiny bit more to add to my novel (or novella if you want to call it that). I might post some excerpts here at some point, but I have to do a load of editing to get it into readable condition.


Rain-girl said...

Hooray! And congratulations. I'll be waiting to read some of it!

arlene said...

Great going Daniel! Alas, life got in the way in the second week, and my (really bad) novel was a casualty of the times. It's probably for the best.

You must be feeling on top of the world, it's a great accomplishment!

Stephanie said...

Good for you! I started it... but due to my busy schedule and lack of conviction, it didn't really happen. I join Raine in wanting to read it!~