Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Century Rolls by John Adams

I recently have started listening to a really interesting piece of music. Its called Century Rolls. It is a piano concerto by John Adams. John Aams was commissioned by Emanuel Ax for to write a new piano concerto for Emanuel Ax to play with the Cleveland Orchestra. I have to admit though, I just don't understand the piece. The more I listen to it, the more I understand it and appreciate it, but its just hard to understand. I suggest that you listen to it, and listen to it, and listen to it some more. I think you'll like it. I do. Some things to listen for-Especially listen to the rhythms and the way that the different instruments work together to make a rich musical tapestry. Its brilliant. Also listen to the colour and the vibrance of the piece. Its really neat.

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pianomanhere said...

Dan: I clicked on the link you left a while back on my blog and noticed your posting about John Adams' "Century Rolls." Thanks for that..I think I'm going to explore that piece.. I've always been addicted to John Adams' two fanfares "Tromba Lontana" (Distant Trumpet) and "Short Ride in a Fast Machine." Take care and keep posting! Brian