Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our living room: before and after


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Runs With Scissors said...

ooh, shiny new...
I really like that yellow, it's great.

Joe said...

dan, how are u doing? i stumbled across this while reading up on prokofiev's second. the eeriest, craziest repertoire piece ive come across... i see you're learning rachmaninoff!

i'm working on rachmaninoff also... i'm setting out to learn the rach 3 for alzheimers, check it out i'm total amateur pianist, but i do it because i love it.

let's keep in touch on our progress, i'm always looking for rach support from people who get it

good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

wow...what a change!!!
We just painted one of the walls in our living room red and everytime I walk in there I go, "WOAH"..
.....painting all your walls at the same did you get over the shock...JK...
-you'll never guess

Dan said...

Joe- Thats a fantastic project! We should definitely keep in touch. Rach 3 is a ridiculously big piece in every way. I admire your determination.

Anon.- You painted one of your walls red? Wow, that would be shocking, but awesome. I really want to paint my room bright red. It would make me really happy. Having our house a different colour is strange at first, but its a very neutral colour, so its not that much of a shock.