Monday, June 22, 2009

Dan on Dating

Yep, you read that right. I really am going to post about dating.

Why? Well, because:
a) Its something I've been thinking about lately,
b) I'm sixteen and *gasp* still single, which is something that in our culture seems to be socially unacceptable, and
c) I want to.

Currently, my relationship status would be "Single" and "Not Looking". Period. I'm really not interested in any kind of relationship at this time. Call me old-fashioned, but I really see dating as preparation for marriage, and seeing as I'm sixteen, I doubt I'll be getting married any time soon. It really weirds me out when I see boys my age (or younger) with girlfriends. I just want to ask them, do you actually love your girlfriends, or do you just pick a random attractive girl and ask her out so you can just be like the rest? Is your girlfriend really someone you're attracted to emotionally, or do you just go out with her so you can be more "socially acceptable" and be able to say that you have a girlfriend?

Now, I don't want to come across as preachy (and I expect that I probably am), but I just have a problem with dating for the point of dating. I think that dating should ultimately lead to marriage and I highly doubt that most 14 year olds are planning to get married at that age. So whats the point of dating?

Comment! Please! ;)


Dorothy said...

I completely agree with that post, Daniel!
My feelings exactly. I really don't see the point of dating unless you're looking to see if this is the person you want to marry.

Nicole said...

I totally agree. Especially for high-schoolers...and younger. It's so weird to see 12-year-olds talking about their "boyfriends". I mean...seriously? You're 12!

Anonymous said...

I agree!!!!!! WHOLE-HEARTEDLY.

with everyone.....

-You'll never guess

Logan said...

Yes, I agree to everyone, though I have something to add, Why have a girlfriend, when it ends up in a big fight at the end of the week?

Anonymous said...

Well, theoretically, when you fight you are supposed to be able to work through your problems and eventually come closer together upon resolution...but of course, real life never values theories...*sigh*

-you'll never guess

Anonymous said...

I suppose, technically, that dating is looking for someone to marry, but yeah some people get married young. And people can say 'oh I'm not dating till I'm ready to get married' but you can't really say that, because it's never certain. You could be walking down the street one day, and run into someone that, oh I dunno, strikes you fancy. You don't have to be serious dating, but if you like someone, and have strong feelings for them, then I don't see the problem with spending time with them, and going out with them. I guess its different for everyone.