Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A man's dreams are an index to his greatness.
-Zadok Rabinwitz

I like this quote. I once went to a conference and heard a very wise man speak (actually, I'm fortunate to have had that happen to me quite a bit). One thing that he really drove into our heads was in the importance of dreaming big. Like really big. Bigger than is realistic, bigger than is practical and bigger than you ever think is going to happen. It's important to dream really, really big. Because if you don't push yourself and think big, you ain't going to accomplish anything.


Runs With Scissors said...

Woah, great quote.
Dreaming big is amazing, I cant imagine someone who didn't dream big.

Logan said...

Well said, for both of you! It is so true, always aim bigger then you think possible, Look at the glass half full!
~ Here is a link to another blog that kinda of talking about the glass a full thing, if you are at all interested.

arlene said...

Good advice. Scary, but good.