Sunday, December 6, 2009


Attn: Humans.

(Are you human?)

I love the snow. All the time. I love driving in it, I love hiking in it, I love tobogganing in it, I love shovelling it, I love skiing in it. I think it is gloriously beautiful, and I don't complain about it. I mean, for a third of the year, we have beautiful, fresh, clean, intricate crystals of water falling from the sky and coating our little world in pure white. It's amazing, it's incredible!
And then when I express my joy on various social networking mediums (including face to face), people constantly say, "Oh, you wouldn't like it if you had to..." or "just wait, you won't like it after..." Gosh darnit people! Are you suggesting that my alternative is to spend four months of our year complaining about the beauty around us?
I won't take it! So complain all you like, but please do not try to tell me that I "wouldn't like it if I had to drive in it" or that I wouldn't like it if I had to shovel it. Actually, I do all of the above and I LOVE IT.

There are some things in life that we can not change, and the weather is one of those. We can either take it, appreciate it, accept it and love it, or we can complain about it. I choose the former.


Kathleen said...

Are you driving now?!?!?!? Are are you just in the car while someone else drives?

Rain-girl said...

The snow really is quite lovely!

Robin said...

I totally agree! I love the snow!

Logan D said...

Yes since when do do drive?

arlene said...

Great attitude Daniel. I'm enjoying our far. It IS beautiful.