Friday, May 21, 2010


quandary [ˈkwɒndrɪ -dərɪ]n pl -ries a situation or circumstance that presents problems difficult to solve; predicament; dilemma

Okay, so I'm in a bit of a quandary right now. It's coming up to the end of the school year, and I need to let my piano teacher know what I'm doing next year, so I can register. As you may know, I completed the Suzuki Piano program this past February, and I am taking my Grade 9 Royal Conservatory exam in mid-June, and so it seems like a good time to re-evaluate and make some decisions. The thing is, I honestly don't know what to do for piano next year.

Here are my options:

Option 1. Get a new piano teacher, and see where that takes me. My current teacher has actually suggested this to see how a different approach will help my abilities grow.

Option 2. Stay with my current teacher. Maybe work on my Grade 10 exam or on a larger work i.e. concerto.

Option 3. Take a year off from piano lessons. Focus on preparing for post-secondary, thinking about what I want to focus on, and preparing for that. Practice piano on my own.

I'm currently leaning towards Option 3. See, the thing is, as much as I love piano, I'm not sure that I have any plans to be a concert pianist. I think that my passion lies in a mixture of music and theatre. So, I guess what I'm saying, is if I don't have specific plans to pursue a life as a pianist, what's the point in studying that at university, and if I'm not going to study that at university, then I should be spending the time on things that will prepare me for university. I don't know... Obviously, I'm never going to stop playing piano, and the skill that I currently have will be of huge value to me in the music/theatre/composing world.  So yeah.

By the way, my current plan is to be a working actor with lots of musical theatre training and a composer/sound designer on the side. I love directing as well, so I guess my title would be actor/composer/director. I just have so many choices, and so many interests, it's just really hard.

Sorry, this has been rambling. Bleh.


Captain Background said...

My advice (as unhelpful as it may be) is to take some time off. Piano, as I can say with feeling, is a wonderful thing to learn, but if you're taking lessons and feel like it's not going anywhere, maybe working on it on your own time is a good idea. Believe me I found this out the hard way.
The good thing is that you'll always have music whether your in lessons or not, so I wouldn't stress too much about it.
Sorry, my comments tend to trail off into the distance, so I'll stop now.

Logan said...

I completely agree with Captain Background. and I will add my two sense: Go with something you haven't tried. Do something new even!