Sunday, October 10, 2010

Expedition- Day 2

(Nothing much happened on August 13th, as we just drove to Jasper. So we're starting on Day 2)
August 14th, 2010
The vehicle loaded with our stuff!
We started the big Jonas Pass trail today. We had to pack up our base camp and move vehicles to the ending trail-head, and so by the time we left the trail-head, it was 1300hrs. We hiked about 8 kms to the Poboktan Campground. The trail is a typical mountain trail, muddy, rooty and constantly going uphill!

 It follows Poboktan Creek almost all the way and so the sound of the water is always nearby.

We made it to camp in good time and had the whole evening to enjoy the campground. The creek nearby is lovely, and the perfect temperature for soaking my feet after a day of hiking as my Plantars Facisitis always makes them painful.

 Cooking supper.

Our campground is really quite nice. There are 4 tent pad sites, a main area with a fire pit, two picnic tables, a bear pole and a “green throne” privy” (I’ll explain just exactly what that is in another post. :P )

The bear pole consist of a wooden pole nailed horizontally between two trees, with four loops of wire hanging from it. On each line there are two clips, one at the top, one at the bottom. You clip your bag of food to the bottom clip, and use the pulley system to host it to the top. The (formerly) top clip is now at the bottom, where you can clip it to one of the trees, leaving your food hanging at the top. It’s a simple, but very effective system.
The bear pole at work.

Our camp.

These are our tents. They are very light, and very small. They fit two people. Just.

We spent the evening enjoying the creek, and planning out the next day, an as it was our first night on the trail, figuring out exactly all the things involved when we get to camp. 

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