Thursday, November 26, 2009

Back into a schedule

Ahh, bliss. After getting H1N1 (which really through me off my normal schedule) and then getting into the really intense period of rehearsals and performances, I finally feel like I'm back on my regular schedule of things.
My normal weekday schedule looks something like this.

0700-0800- Read in bed, eat breakfast, check email etc.
0800-1100- Practice piano
1100-1200- Practice flute
1200-1300- Lunch, email,
1300-1500- Math
1500-onwards- French, reading etc. It really depends. I have supper around 1730/1800 and then every 2nd day, I use the ellipticle for an hour, and stretch etc. And then I spend the rest of the evening unwinding, etc. And then I'm in bed at 2230.

It works really well me, and when I stray off that schedule, I tend to get grouchy and feel useless. It's a fairly loose schedule, and with lessons and other appointments, I never get 5 days just like that in a week, but it puts some form to my days and makes me a lot happier. So it's nice to get back to my happy, little schedule.

What do you do to ensure your general sanity?


Anonymous said...

Schedules, schedules, schedules......and lists.......and more lists.....and lists within lists within schedules.......actually I'm not sure that I'm sane.

-you'll never guess

Kathleen said...

You do two hours of math?

Dan said...

Kathleen- Surprisingly, yes, I do. Well, depends on the lessons, but I do 2 lessons/day and they take me 45-60 minutes...