Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 2nd, new year's resolutions, etc.

Today is January 2, the second day of the new calendar year. Of course, the year doesn't begin just because we say it does. You could really start the year at any point in the Earth's rotation around the sun. Regardless, the New Year is seen as a kind of "new beginning". People make all sorts of New Year's resolutions, which usually crash in the first month or two.

I think the reason for this is that although people get really excited about the idea of starting over, they simply aren't willing to change their behaviour, or they don't realise that they have to.

Our culture is so in love with the idea that "this year is going to be different". As if the change between December 31, 2009 and January 1, 2010 makes a difference at all! We should be making goals and "resolutions" the moment we think of them, rather than waiting for the New Year to change us. 

In my opinion, the way to change behaviour is a day by day thing. Instead of focusing on this year, (which is a pretty long stretch), we should focus instead on this week, or today. It's much more practical and much more achievable.

By all means, set yearly goals, but then don't just expect that you're going to achieve them unless you plan and work towards them on a day by day (or week by week) basis.

Anyway, all that said, here are my goals for 2010.

  1. Increase the quality of this blog. I'd like to improve my writing, and delve "deeper" into topics of interest. Maybe this year, I'll do some writing about politics, religion, faith, etc.
  2. Continue exercising regularly. In 2009, I got into a habit of using our Elliptical for an hour every second day at an increasing difficulty, and so I'm keeping that up. 
  3. Begin writing a musical. I'm planning to write the script+lyrics/libretto during Script Frenzy in April, and then work on composing the music during the summer. I'm theoretically working on plot outlines now (actually, I do have ideas). I'm excited.
Okay, written down, those don't look particularly spectacular. Ha. I have more, but I'm not going to bother you with them.

In 2010, other milestones that will come up for me is that I'm doing my final Suzuki Piano recital (a solo recital!) on February 13. I'm majorly excited for that!

Also, on September 22, I turn 18, which means that in Canada, I will no longer be a minor and I will have all the legal rights, which include drinking (not applicable), smoking (not applicable), and voting (YES!!). Crazy. This year, people!!

Happy New Year!


Runs With Scissors said...

I cant wait to hear your musical, that will be just awesome.

It would also appear that one of your resolutions is to get me Blogging once a month. :D

Rain-girl said...

That's wonderful! Keep us posted as to the progress of the musical!