Saturday, July 25, 2009

A great summer day

I had a very enjoyable day today (and it's not over yet!).

First off, this morning, I went busking at the downtown market. I've never been to that market before, but it's really neat! They block off a street and put the market there. With all the tall brick buildings, skyscrapers and scaffolding all around me, I felt like a struggling artist on the streets of New York. It was fantastic!

Then, I came home and went with my good friend Logan to a bike shop and an outdoors shop. I bought a little bag-type pouch to attach to my bike, and also a great little hacky-sack. Which has theraputic properties. I think so, at least. Logan just thought I was crazy. I am.

Then we went for slurpees, which is always a good thing, especially on a sunny, hot summer's day (+31 degrees!). It's funny, I'm more of a cold-weather person, but I gotta admit that I'm really loving this hot weather!

And then tonight, I'm volunteering at our local Shakespeare fest!

A perfect summer day. This is certainly how summer should be!


Logan said...

Very True, though I have been playing with that hacky-sack for, well since I got it, I even went to a BBQ with it!~ So youre not quite as crazy as I told you were before (:

Dorothy said...

LOL, I love that "juggling sphere" of yours.
It was so fun playing with it on the hill, even though we all sucked.

Dan said...

It was fun indeed. We should all do that again.