Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday morning walk

Went for a walk this morning in the woods. Perfect weather and not that many mosquitoes out. Took some photos of some wildflowers. There were so many blooming!

Some anemones.

More anemones.

Wild rose.And then we heard this chirping. We looked up and established that the chirping was coming from a small hole in the tree. It was woodpecker chicks! We waited around and sure enough, an adult woodpecker came and fed the young. I didn't get a video of the feeding, but I got a video with the chicks making a racket and the adult hopping on the tree and then flying away. Sorry about the poor lighting and quality in the video...

I also saw an Oriole!

And then I found a geocache. It was an easy hide, but still satisfying. I took a travel bug, left a travel bug and continued.

So that was a little report of our little adventure. I hope you enjoyed it!