Thursday, September 17, 2009

10 things about me that you may not have known

  1. I like people, but often distance myself from them for various reasons.
  2. I believe in equal rights and equal treatment for everyone, whether they’re male or female, black or white, gay or straight, Christian or Muslim, American or Canadian etc.
  3. I don’t like loud noises, or loud voices or crowds of people for that matter. 
  4. I drink copious amounts of water. I mean a lot of water. Obsessively. Yeah, I love me my water.
  5. I love being barefoot. I like it more than wearing shoes. In the summer, I almost never wear shoes.
  6. I like class. You know, not really formal things, but I love wearing a nice shirt and tie, and doing something classy, like playing a music recital or going to the theatre or the symphony.
  7. I don’t swear. It doesn’t offend me per say, but I’d rather not stoop that low. I can be classier and more creative with my language than that. 
  8. I enjoy cleaning my room. Yes, you really did read that right. I find cleaning my room very therapeutic. I put on some music, and just...clean. It’s relaxing.
  9. I read Shakespeare. And lots of old books. For fun.
  10. And I get called weird. Quite a lot. And I’m proud of that. Because I don’t want to be called normal.


Nicole said...

That's an interesting list. You like to clean your room, eh? I would've loved to have that ability when I was a kid.

arlene said...

Daniel I think you are "normal" just NOT typical!