Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama's message to students

Y'all should read US President Barack Obama's address to students about education. You can read it HERE or watch it on below. (his address starts 2:30)


Kathleen said...

It's good, eh?

Logan said...

It definitely is.

SMH said...

Excellent speech! What do you think of his idea to lengthen the school day for students in America? He has some wonderful ideas and I think he can make many changes for America that are good, but I'm sad about his views on abortion. So many children will not even be allowed to be born - they won't have the chance to try their best to learn at school.
I recently saw the movie Capitalism : A Love Story by Michael Moore, and I was shocked at the corruption that was revealed. I hope that Obama can have the strength to not play the same games that have been played for years. It's a film well worth seeing! Love your blog Liber Boy!

Dan said...

Shelagh, hmm. I'm not sure what I think about the idea of lengthening school days. Because I've never actually been in school, I don't feel like I can really comment honestly comment on it, without bias. I suppose my first thought would be NO!! But then, I guess it raises the question of how much "schooling" is really going on in the time that they have. If they are really completely filling the time that they have, surely that's enough. But from what I've heard from various people, I've heard that a lot of time in school is spent on "fluff" and time, it seems, is not always the best spent. I'm kindof going on and on here, and just dumping my head onto here, so take this for what it's worth. :)

I too am saddened about Obama's views on abortion. I suppose we can't have everything in a president, but on such an important issue, I do wish he'd choose life.

I haven't seen Capitalism : A Love Story. Thanks for the suggestion though!