Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life. Random.

I don't know what to blog about. It's troubling. And so now instead of the wonderful, thought-provoking, inspiring, genius post that I'm sure you were expecting, you just get a post about me whining about how I don't know what to post and how annoyed I am with myself that I haven't posted for the past couple of days.

I was going to be at scout camp this weekend, but we cancelled it because practically everyone was sick. I wasn't though. I'm determined not to get sick. It's just not an option for me at this point. So I've been taking echinacea, Vitamin C and Cold FX, washing my hands obsessively (oh look, Daniel's doing something obsessively, gee, what a surprise), and drinking lots and lots of tea. I always drink lots of tea, but recently I've been drinking at least 5 cups a day and at least that much water. So far, it's been working. I've felt a couple symptoms, but I've fought them off.

In other news, I have my first voice lesson of the year tomorrow! I'm veryveryvery excited to be back at voice lessons. Huzzah!

Aaaannnd in other news....

Well, there isn't any other news. Sorry. I'm sure I'll have some for tomorrow. So just go and drink some tea, or cut your toenails. Or something.



Nicole said...

When I don't have anything to write about, I just take a short break. Then when I have an idea for a post I get inspired and excited again.
(Although, I find having a list of things to blog about helps too.)

Runs With Scissors said...

"oh look, Daniel's doing something obsessively, gee, what a surprise"
Sorry, but that's really funny. :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun at voice!!!!!
Did you still need to work with me on that german song?

-you'll never guess

Runs With Scissors said...

You know Daniel, I can only cut my toenails for so long before I need another post to come along.

~Josh, who is excitedly awaiting a new post.

Dan said...

:( Sorry Josh. Now there's another one for your reading pleasure. :)

Logan said...

Me too, well sort of, I cant think of where to begin in blogging, I still need to write about my BC Holiday!