Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jasper part 3/4- Mt. Edith Cavell

So, that night, the Venturers arrived (all except one, who came the next day). The next morning, we set off to Mt. Edith Cavell, a merry group of seven.

Our plan was to hike up the main trail, up to the top of the "Cavell Meadows" which offer great views of Mt. Edith Cavell (we weren't actually climbing the mountain). Here's a look at the Angel Glacier, which is the "icon" for Mt. Edith Cavell.

A couple of the boys.

The view from the first viewpoint.

My dad has this little plush penguin that he takes hiking and uses for scale photos. Here's a loverly photo. of Monsignor Penguin (not real name)
And after a steep climb, we're at the top of the meadows!
At the bottom of the glacier, there's this pond/lake with all these ice chunks that fall off the glacier.
And that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed! 


Kathleen said...

Dad brought the penguin?!?!?!?!

Dan said...

Yep, he did.