Friday, September 6, 2013

30A30D- Day 1- "Gossamer"- Passion Pit

"Gossamer" - Passion Pit

Okay, I admit, this album wasn't brand new to me, but I hadn't sat and listened to the entire album until now. I listened to it twice today, and daaamn. It's like chipmunks-meets-electronic-indie-rock-meets-gorgeous-vocals. And it's kind of dazzling.

Notable tracks:
1. Take a Walk. Obviously. Definitely one of my favourites off the album. I love that pounding beat on beats 1 + 3 that just gives the whole song that groove and drive. 
3. Carried Away. Again, obviously. Probably my favourite. I adore the syncopation in the instrumentation in the chorus, against the vocals. 
7. On My Way and 8. Hideaway. Love how these borrow musical ideas from each other, and how Hideaway is a continuation, melodically and thematically, of On My Way. So so cool. And that grainy intro to Hideaway? Sweeet.
11. It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy. So gorgeous, and the lyrics are pretty powerful too. 
12. Where We Belong. Again, just gorgeous. I love the lyric, "All the things you can't control, should never destroy the world one holds." Great ending to an album.

Overall, man oh man. Passion Pit has such a unique sound, and I love how they combine an indie-rock feel with samples and electronics. Funny/sad story- I heard Passion Pit a short while ago live, but all their instruments/equipment was destroyed in a rain storm, so they did a DJ set, and weren't able to play their own stuff. Bummer. Next time I suppose. Still, it's not like it was their fault, and it's pretty great that they still came anyway to do something

Great, great album.

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