Saturday, September 7, 2013

30A30D- Day 2- "El Camino"- The Black Keys

"El Camino"- The Black Keys

Ok, so I realize that I'm pretty late to the Black Keys parade, but until today, I'd never heard them (this is going to be a very common sentence from me this month).  I decided to listen to this one today because I was scrolling through the full albums on Youtube, and this one was the right length for the amount of time I had to listen. And boy, am I glad I did! This is SUCH a great album. Overall, the album is just so listenable. It's musically interesting, without being distracting, but head-boppy and catchy in all the right ways. It's rock, without being super in-your-face about it. The vocals are really strong, and it's just down-right groovy. And there isn't an "off" song on the album. This is definitely an album I'll be listening to again. 

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