Friday, September 6, 2013

30 albums in 30 days

Hey hey!
I'm going to try something new! Despite the fact that I'm a music student and literally spend my days immersed in music, I'm finding that I just don't know as many artists/albums as I should/could. I just wish I was familiar with more.

SO. For the next 30 days (today-October 5), I'm going to be listening to a new album every day and then posting my thoughts on it. YES, it's going to be challenging, as it means ≈ 1 hour of solid listening everyday, but keep me accountable. It'll be all styles, just trying to get as much diversity as possible. Some may be stuff that I've listened to before, but mostly will be brand new. Also, I don't consider what I'll be writing "reviews" per se, as I'll only be listening to them once or perhaps twice. If you know me, you know that I'm very adamant about not making a judgement on music until I've listened to it at least ten times, so this will be a bit of a departure from that. But c'est la vie. Want to join me?

Tonight I'll be writing about Passion Pit's Gossamer. :) Any suggestions for what else to listen to? I'll definitely be doing Daft Punk's new album (cause I've been dying to listen to it), some Bill Evans, some Bjork, Phantogram's Eyelid Movies, and I expect some blind-cd-shelf-grabs from my University's library. But seriously, if you suggest something, and I haven't listened to it too much (and I can get a copy- I will certainly buy some, but I also don't have the $$$ right now to buy 30 albums atm, so I will also be relying on the library, and Youtube), I will be almost guaranteed to listen to it! Suggestions please!

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