Tuesday, September 10, 2013

30A30D- Day 4- "Blue"- Joni Mitchell

"Blue" - Joni Mitchell 

So, I realize that I didn't post at all yesterday, BUT I DID listen to two albums today, so it's all good. First thing that I listened to today is Joni Mitchell's album, "Blue." I actually knew more songs off of this than I thought I did, so it was cool to actually sit down and listen to the whole album in one sitting. So many great songs. The beauty of this album, in my opinion, is just the fact the the production value etc. is so low, but it's still incredible just because her voice and lyrics shine- singer/songwriter goodness at its finest. Favourite songs: "All I Want," "A Case of You," "My Old Man,""A Case of You," "Blue," and "River." This is an album that I'm sure I can listen to a zillion times and keep discovering things in it. On first listen though, I definitely see why this album is so loved and regarded.

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